I have ghostwritten a number of reports, whitepapers, advertorials and blogs for a variety of big name corporate clients and weirdly love nothing better than a spreadsheet of numbers to pull trends from and turn into readable copy. As well as the below links please also see the range of research reports I have produced for Internet Retailing. (Click on the title to see a PDF version or click on the image for a link to download.)


Retail_Insights_2015_-_Essential_Understandings_V2 – A look at the latest trends in retail from research undertaken by Sanderson – September 2015


Retailing in 2023 – RBS Report into the future of retail looking at the next decade in retail, with views from key RBS analysts and retailers. – 2014



PaymentsSecurityWhitepaperMarketingFinder.August2015 – Ecommerce Expo

A look at the future of payments and security and what retailers should be doing to prepare. (August 2015)



Cosine-Convenience-Whitepaper – (via Thinkable Digital) – September 2013



Why you should invest in customer experience this year – Sanderson multichannel blog  – 29 September 2015

The challenge of click and collect for retailers – Sanderson multichannel blog -22 September 2015

The main themes from the Sanderson retail report – Sanderson multichannel blog – 15 September 2015

What retailers should learn from the latest retail report – Sanderson multichannel blog – 8 September 2015

What’s the future for wearables for the retail industry? – Sanderson multichannel blog – 19 February 2015

Know thy customer before they walk in the door – Sanderson multichannel blog – 12 February 2015



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