How I Can Help You…

During a journalism career of more than 25 years, more than half of which has been freelance, I have written all sorts of content for all kinds of publications and businesses. To find out if I can help with your content needs get in touch. Below are some of the most common ways I can help:

Case studies – Nothing sells your business better than your own customers. Case studies are a brilliant way of letting your customers speak for you. I’ve written case studies for various businesses. I capture the challenges faced by the customer, the solution they adopted, the results it has delivered and the future they have planned as a result. And all done during a professional email or telephone interview with your customers.

Event write-ups – Maximising the value of your events is always a key consideration, especially so during the pandemic. Short, news-based write-ups can help spark the interest of your target marketand drive them to watch webinars or videoed events at a later date in full even if they missed the event first time around. I’ve done this for several clients, including REBA, allowing maximum exposure from your events calendar – even if it is online-based because of the pandemic.

Market reports, ebooks & whitepapers – I’ve written various whitepapers, reports and ebooks. These have mostly covered retail or retail technology but I’ve also tackled other subjects in detail such as remote working. Some are ghostwritten while others are in my own name. I’m also currently a freelance research editor for InternetRetailing, a role where I manage much of their whitepaper content. This involves everything from developing the initial brief to full research, interviewing, writing and editing of the whitepaper through to sign-off by the client.

Blogs & thought leadership – Do you want to share your thoughts on your own company pages with a regular blog? Or are you looking to share your views and expertise with a wider audience through one of the magazines within your sector with a thought leadership piece? Either way you may not know where to start, or may simply not have the time to write such a piece yourself. During a call I can not only capture your tone of voice but also the key messages you want to share and do the hard work for you, producing a comment or thought leadership piece with your name on – but without the hassle of writing it yourself. Equally if you want my own views, as a retail or camping expert, then I’m also happy to help.

In-depth interviews – From high-profile interviews with retail CEOs to heartbreaking personal stories that have brought me to tears I can be relied on to handle any type of interview. I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of misquoting someone, something I’m very proud of. That doesn’t mean I play it safe – just that I know that there is no point ruining a contact for a sensational headline! One of my favourite jobs at RetailWeek was the weekly retailer interviews where I could get under the skin of retail bosses to learn what made them tick. Today another regular role sees me interviewing campsite owners for the Our Site section of Camping Magazine, finding out what their lives are like.

Features & news – As a trained and experienced business journalist I’ve written literally thousands of news stories and features over the years. As well as my copywriting projects I write regularly for a number of business publications. I’m also a regular features write for Camping Magazine, allowing me to indulge my second biggest passion after shopping! I’ve also just bought a campervan so will be writing about that soon too!

Content editing and proof-reading – As well as producing copy from scratch I can also help with content editing and proof-reading, tightening up copy and ensuring it fits in with your style. I’ve done this in a number of my freelance roles – from being content editor for REBA to interim editor for

Newsletter content (and management) – I’ve worked on long-term newsletter projects, with responsibility for sourcing, writing and editing newsletter content, using CMS to upload copy and putting together and managing regular newsletters.

Press releases – Having promised myself I’d never go to the ‘dark side’ I was persuaded to turn my hand to PR, working on the account for one of the biggest shopping centre groups in the UK and marking the start of a move into copywriting and PR. The experience gave me the insight I had previously lacked. I realised that years of reading press releases meant that I knew instinctively how to write them – and what works and doesn’t work.

Awards entries – Industry awards can be great for PR for your business, since they offer industry recognition of what your company does. But do you have the time to write them? If not then let me put together your awards entry for you. I can’t promise you will win but I’ll do the best to convince the judges that you should!

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