FSTech (financial technology)

September 2014: What does Datacentre as a service actually mean and why is it not catching on?
June 2014: Network security – how the financial services industry should be doing more to protect itself
Liz Morrell casts an eye over an intensifying cat and mouse game between financial services companies and cyber criminals

www.fstech.co.uk/fst/Future_FS_Technology_LBG.php 13/04/2012
With more and more customers banking online and showing an interest in mobile banking and social media, what does the immediate future hold for FS technology vendors? Liz Morrell reports

www.fstech.co.uk/fst/Mobile_Banking.php 24/02/2012
Mobile has the potential to revolutionise the customer experience in retail banking and banks across Europe are gearing up to respond to this growing opportunity. But, as Liz Morrell highlights, problems and issues remain

www.fstech.co.uk/fst/Social_Media.php 17/11/2011
Liz Morrell asks: what does it mean to the highly regulated banking world when millions of people are using Facebook etc to communicate, share, network and entertain? And who are the pioneers in this field?

www.fstech.co.uk/fst/Data_Security.php 18/07/2011
A recent report from the Treasury Select Committee criticised UK banks for not doing enough to protect against online fraud. The claim has been met by the industry with mixed views, with some in agreement and others blaming the Government for not taking data security seriously enough and calling for a regulatory body to set regulations to protect bank customers. Liz Morrell reports






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