Pop up – delivering a new experience

I’m researching a feature on pop up stores today and talking to some really interesting people about the concept. The market is changing and PR, marketing and retailing are changing with it. The three once separate powers are combining to provide a richer experience than ever. Yes pop ups are used to test new ideas and new markets but it’s the pop-ups that are used imaginatively and creatively that are really interesting and within these experience is more important than ever.

One retailer I spoke to said why would he need a permanent store when he gets to build excitement with a pop up store that leaves his customers hungry for more when he goes days or weeks later. You could argue he would say that as he is a confectionery retailer after all, but it’s a good point. Retailers whether pop up or permanent need to continue to invest and innovate in providing excitement and experience instore and as such it’s a growing trend.

It’s also an inspiring one. Would-be retailers can now test their concepts more easily than ever before and have a chance to truly understand where their trading offer works best around the country before committing to a permanent store. Now I wonder what I could sell as a pop-up retailer……I could make my millions yet….

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