Value food retailing will never be the same again..


As the horsemeat saga continues to unravel one thing is for sure. Value food retailing will never be quite the same again and retailers are going to have to work very hard to win back the trust of their customers. For many it will be the wake-up call that is needed to reassess and change their cooking and buying habits. As a mum of two I generally always try to cook from fresh – not only do i know what’s going in to the food but i know I can also make a little fresh go a lot further than one might expect. In the meantime it teaches my children the value of food, the beauty of cooking and the importance of a fresh, varied diet and the knowledge that food doesn’t just come from tins, packets or the freezer.

Despite the fact that i buy very little processed food though I have found myself being extra paranoid in the supermarkets this week. Suddenly the words “reformed ham” as I’m looking for sandwich fillings for the kids packed lunches is enough to turn my stomach and I’m scrutinising food labels in a way I never have before.

Yes processed foods do make life easier but at a cost. And that has been proven in the last couple of weeks to be a cost far greater than the financial value.

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