I’m not being sexist but surely it’s a woman’s role?



This is rather a flippant statement because I haven’t researched it properly but following news today that Mothercare has lost its UK managing director in a supposed role restructure why isn’t Mothercare run by a woman? Certainly in recent years the business has been male dominated but, and apologies boys, it’s us women that carry and bear the child (and are also the undoubted experts at shopping) so it makes sense that actually Mothercare should be led by a woman who understands what pregnant and new mums want and need as they care for themselves and new child. This is a business, which despite the increasing competition from the supermarkets SHOULD be a business that thrives because it is the one retailer that can come closest to forming the most intimate bond with a customer you can get. Instead today has seen Mothercare Australia go into administration and the departure of the UK md (though the company insists both are not related). Mmmm i wonder how i would do turning my hand from journalist to joining the board of a certain maternity retailer…..

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