It’s nearly Christmas!!

Well thankfully I’ve had my decorations up since the beginning of December  (early for once!) so I’m not feeling as caught out as some that Christmas is but two weeks away. And by gosh I’ve almost finished my shopping too. Unusually I think I’ve almost managed to stay in budget too!

It’s interesting out on the high street though as the Christmas discounting kicks off. There has developed a rather intriguing game of cat and mouse in recent years as retailer and customer stands off to see who will break first. And it’s the customer that always wins because once one retailer breaks for Sale there is little its rivals can do but follow.

But does it work? The couple of times I have tried to hold off I’ve either panic bought or bought as much as I would have saved anyway – yet put myself at the mercy of out of stocks and stressed customers and staff. I’m rarely early for anything but I have to say when it comes to Christmas shopping early really does pay off.

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