A fashion and beauty icon till the very end…- a tribute

My children’s great grandma died today. She would have been 98 in September and was an amazing woman but the thing that makes me smile most when I remember her is her love of fashion, beauty and shopping and how that even in her late 90s she would still turn out immacuately dressed with hair and make-up done to perfection whilst most of the time I roll up with dishevelled hair and a smear of mascara if I’m lucky.

Sharp as a button and beautiful to the end Joycie was a woman after my own heart – if she was feeling down a trip to her favourite shop – Edinburgh Woollen Mill – would get her smiling and despite a wardrobe bursting with clothes she would always find space and reason for a new outfit.

I was telling EWM’s chief executive Philip Day about her the other day and I asked if she might be his oldest customer – he said she probably was. She will be sorely missed – not only in EWM – but mostly of course from our lives.

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