Avoiding the Sales?! This is serious….

I popped out at lunchtime to get some bits for a dinner party later in the week and intended to hit the Sales at the same time. But I didn’t. Now part of that did have to do with completely forgetting my PIN number at the Asda checkout admittedly — but the point is I don’t need to go shopping.

“Need?!” I hear you cry. “Since when was shopping about need – true clothes shopping is about want…..” Well, yes you’re right but I don’t even know what I WANT at the moment. One minute it’s a new umbrella – the next it’s a bikini – and that’s all in the space of a day. I’ve had on skimpy top and sunglasses and a sweater and waterproof in the space of half an hour today.

The weather just doesn’t know what it’s doing and that means us shoppers are equally confused. Sadly that is little consolation for the retailers with stores stuffed with stock.

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