Rain, rain go away – I want to shop… – how the weather affects shopping patterns

There’s been lots of talk about the rain this week. Well actually that’s been the main topic of conversation from most people for about the past 6 months it seems. Admittedly today it’s worse then ever – especially when I tell people I’m off camping with my kids this weekend and they look at me like I’ve just walked free from an asylum. (Yes I have seen the weather warnings thank you very much…)

But earlier this week Dunelm attributed part of a rise in its sales to the rain. Which got me thinking. Yes admittedly I do shop more when it’s wet but I suspect I’m not the only one for whom it is definitely a case of idle shopping – window shopping for a summer that has yet to come. In fact thinking about it I don’t think I have yet bought one item of summer clothing (cheap Asda Jubillee t-shirt excluded). Instead my recent shopping trips have included B&Q (toolbox) and Go Outdoors (for a superwarm fleece).

For my camping trip tonight the car is packed with thermal socks, wellies, waterproofs and wooly hats. Oh well at least if we get flooded out we can always go shopping…….

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