Tweet, tweet – have I got your attention? – How clever retailers make use of social media

Social media is an increasingly important marketing and communication tool for retailers as well as a vital monitor of customer service and sentiment. But I have to admit personally I don’t use it anywhere near enough as I should. So it’s taken me a little while to see a reply to one of my tweets which showed just how powerful monitoring Twitter and social media in general can be for retailers.

Admittedly the tweet in question was one of my more pointless ones – simply me sharing the knowledge that I had learnt the difference between a Devon and Cornish Tea (my rumbling tummy said it was important at the time). But somehow it had been picked up by a small B&B in Devon who at the time were running a draw for a cream tea to be delivered to their door once they reached a certain number of followers on their new website.

Sadly the draw had long completed so there will be no sweet treats on my doorstep but through simple monitoring of a couple of key words a small Devon B&B has got my attention and impressed me with its iniatitive. Perhaps it’s time for retailers to do the same.

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